Maverick has been delivering B2B services for more than 25 years. We help companies that have decided to significantly increase their sales in order to reach their business objectives.

Our expertise and services are related to direct and indirect sales (channels) and are based on 3 areas of focus that contribute to helping you reach your objectives.

Structure and sales process

An adapted structure and sales process are required to implement, monitor, and measure relevant and targeted actions that are designed to increase the performance of your sales.

Types of intervention:

  • Diagnosis of the organization’s sales function
  • Definition of objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Client portfolio segmentation and management
  • Architecture of the sales process and high-impact activities
  • Architecture of the sales force
  • Development of the sales plan
  • Assessment of the sales force


Deploying and assessing the performance of individuals

The right actions, at the right time, with the right people and in the right way.

Types of intervention:

  • Assessment of the sales force
  • Recruitment
  • Elaboration of the development and performance plan
  • Training
  • Coaching for sales executives
  • Coaching for the sales force
  • Key account management

CRM: selection and implementation

Even though it might seem like a simple task at first, implementing a CRM requires compliance with key rules and mastering the sales structure and process. It’s important to understand that this kind of project is a process that modifies work methodologies and habits and fosters the evolution of the company’s sales and client culture.

Types of intervention:

  • Analysis for the selection of a CRM
  • Drafting of the implementation specifications
  • CRM implementation
  • CRM training and onboarding